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Public Transport in Hong Kong

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Public Transport in Hong Kong

Check out what public transport means there are in Hong Kong, including information on the service providers and the services they offer.

Government Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities

The Scheme enables elderly people aged 65 or above and eligible persons with disabilities to travel on designated public transport modes and services at a concessionary fare of $2 per trip. It aims to help build a caring and inclusive society by encouraging these groups to participate more in community activities.


“HKeMobility” facilitates users’ search for public transport, driving, walking routes, and view of cycle track information. The walking route information covers all urban Districts; and provides barrier-free routes for the people in need. “HKeMobility” also disseminates real-time traffic and transport information, including traffic news with voice-overs, snapshots of traffic conditions from about 400 CCTVs installed at major roads, estimated time of arrival of buses, trams and some MTR routes, and parking vacancy information of about 400 car parks.

Traveller Information Kiosks

Want to enjoy the service of “HKeMobility” but don't have access to Internet?  The “Traveller Information Kiosk” installed at 15 locations can be used to search for public transport routes and provide nearby traffic information, public transport facilities and tourist point of interests.

Non-Franchised Bus Service in Hong Kong

This article gives you a brief introduction to non-franchised bus (NFB) services, how to apply for operating them and how to become a smart NFB passenger.

Public Transport for People with Disabilities

Find a comprehensive Guide to Public Transport for People with Disabilities here.

Links to Public Transport Companies / Information

Find more service details, such as route, fare and timetable by visiting websites of the local transport services here.

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